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About Us

Signia designers are experts in every aspect of environmental graphic design – from logos, graphics, nomenclature, and visual identity – to sign and way-finding system design – to installation management and consulting.

We make sure people:
Understand where they are
Get where they want to go
Find what they want
Feel comfortable and at ease

Our work begins with clear objectives. Who are your visitors? How do you want them to feel? What do they want to do, find, or experience? What will make their visit to your office, park, mall, restaurant or parking lot easier and less frustrating — more memorable, interesting or unique? Our process always begins with a clear understanding of the site objectives: yours and the visitors'.

We define exactly what's needed – and why. Signia designers systematically break down the visitor experience. Using floorplans, mapping techniques, and experience modeling, we develop detailed specifications for the site: before we even think about the visual design, we think about how people will approach, use, and navigate the space. Then the fun begins…

Flexible and Scalable

Signia has the staff and resources to handle complex projects from planning through design, manufacture and installation. We work with clients from a wide-range of industry sectors, partnering with architects and the development team, to provide a unified visual and sensory approach that maximizes the visitor and brand experience.

Every relationship is unique, and we flex to provide the right combination of services. Some clients prefer a turnkey approach, while others tap our specialized expertise such as site analysis, naming, or icon development.

You get environmental graphic design that works. Creating a wayfinding system, themed environment, or sign system is not the same as designing an annual report or website. Design considerations include: sightlines, traffic patterns, use situations, usability issues, accessibility, materials, manufacturing techniques and more. Signia designers have the knowledge and experience you need to develop environmental graphic systems that are not just pretty on paper – they actually work in the real world.